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3 Payment Gateway Integration Methods You Must Know

3 Payment Gateway Integration Methods You Must Know

There are 3 different types of payment gateway integration one must know when running a business online! Read and find out more!

Whether you have a travel website, a retail shop, event management, or any website which includes visitors making online transactions, your site requires a payment gateway.

A payment gateway is a place on your website where all transactions occur. Instead of physically accept and process transactions, the website does the job for you.

The online payment gateways handle important transactions on your website and you want to make sure that whatever happens, happens seamlessly. Are you familiar with the 3 different types of payment gateway integration?

Here are the 3 most important ones:

#1. Simple Checkout Method – Simple Checkout Method or Offsite Payment is the payment gateway that is integrated as an external payment service. For example, when a customer clicks Buy Now on your website, he is automatically redirected to the payment gateway service provider’s website. This is by far the easiest method to integrate a payment gateway. This solution is perfect for small or private businesses. You will discover that most small business websites offer this method.

#2. Direct Post Method – Direct Post Method or Transparent Redirect is a method which accepts the customer information, private data, and payment details, however, all information is forwarded to a more secure payment gateway. In other words, customer data is not handled on your ecommerce site. The good thing about this method is that branding is successfully maintained and the fact that you don’t need a PCI compliant website. This method can be integrated by using different plugins.

#3. Server Integration Method: Server Integration or Onsite Payment provides you the option to process transactions on your website. Although a payment gateway service provider will take care of the actual transaction, everything happens on your website. In other words, all the forms are displayed on your website. The online payment gateway handles the payment data collection, the response to the customer, data submission, and more. The customer is not aware of this. This allows the merchant, to customize the look and feel of the payment/transaction form. The server integration method helps you maintain customer sensitive information and improves your branding at the same time. Major payment gateway service providers provide APIS which can be used to integrate this method.

Do you have a preferred option?

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