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4 Ways to Secure Your POS System from Online Hackers

It is a reality. Cybercrime is a major threat to many online stores. These criminals target the point of contact between you and your customers. Also, in-stores are not safe. The cybercriminals use malware and viruses to collect customer information from your Points of Sale. They could use such information to stfeal from your clients. With this fact, you must ensure your in-stores and online selling points are unreachable to the criminals. Otherwise, when a hacking occurs in your business, it is hard to restore the confidence of your customers. No one will come back to a shop where they lost millions of cash. For this reason, ensuring your POS system is secure is a primary requirement. If you want to succeed, you must enhance your business security. But how? Should you employ polices or guards or what is the process? Well, here are four super ways of enhancing your Point of Sale security and giving hackers a bad day:

Always use updated software

Your selling point software is a crucial element in your business. This element is the bedrock for your success or failure. It can offer hackers a hard time or encourage them to achieve their goals. While an old software can help you transact with your customers without any additional cost, it enhances your online threats.
As you know, developers are always in the run of enhancing the security of their software. They introduce new features from time to time. The hackers are not a left out too. They invest their time and money to counter new developments.
Also, they will always target people who ignore updates on their POS software. Hence, if you want to remain safe and secure, you should always update your software each moment the developers introduce a new security feature. For more information, do not hesitate on checking Shopify’s POS software and all it has to offer, just click on

Use multiple security options

Another way online hackers will use to access your business is the logins. For long, people use passwords to protect their data. Unfortunately, their password is easy to guess. For instance, some people combine their first name and the year of birth. Others use their firstborn’s name and year of completing their education. Some also use their Driving License or Social Security number for this purpose.
With this practice, the hackers do not have any hardship in guessing the right login details. For you to store your data safe, you need to come up with new security options. For instance, you can have a two-factor authentication approach. Here, you use both your password and a code sent in your mobile device. Through this, it will be hard for hackers to access your data unless they have access to your mobile device.

Avoid using public wi-fi for a business transaction

Reducing your business costs is a good idea. No one can hate an opportunity to save a coin or two. When running an online store, you need data bundles or wi-fi to run your business. in Australia and the UK, you will find different places with free public wi-fi. Such wi-fi is some good news as it helps you to reduce your costs. But you think so? Well, free Wi-Fi can be the devil in your house.

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Hackers use the loopholes in this system to reach your selling point. They will send a virus and malware in your business system to enable them to access your information. In the end, you will suffer huge losses and encounter long term sufferings which you could have avoided by paying for your internet. Hence, avoid running your business on free wi-fi whether public or private.

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